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About Us

Performing Arts 

For A Positive Impact


Founded in 2008, Our mission statement is:

"To use the performing arts to positively impact young lives and communities."


From the beginning, we have used our resources and talents to provide uplifting, educational showcase opportunities for young people.


From seasonal dinner theater productions and community performances to annual talent competitions and cable television shows, ICON thinks outside the box and partners with like-minded folks and organizations to bring a professional level of arts production and arts education to young people.


Our primary and ongoing projects include:

SOCAL ICON Solo Vocal Competition - an annual singing competition for aspiring young singers between the ages 7 and 18.  The competition has three phases that span over a three-to-four month period and brings the young singers face-to-face with music educators and industry professionals in a non-threatening, but constructive atmosphere.

Many of our finalists have gone on to sign deals for television, movies and recording.  Others have taken the next step and scored a a great deal of success on such shows as American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, X Factor, Los Voz for Kids and Rising Star. Many of them credit SOCAL ICON as giving them the confidence and preparation to take that next step.


We have also produced holiday dinner theater productions as well as cable television variety shows and various community and specialty stage shows.


Be sure to check out our summer and seasonal camp and workshop offerings called "BELIEVE"!

Afterschool and Seasonal Performing Arts Workshops


Singing, Dancing and acting combined in a dynamic production environment.

After-school and seasonal performing arts workshops that conclude in exciting stage shows for family and friends!


Multi-week and seasonal workshops and programs.

​Our approach is a hands-on, interactive and uplifting method that looks at the big picture.

  • ​We build students up! ​

  • We never tear them down.

We create a positive environment that breeds success and fosters self-esteem.


Our Team of Instructors is comprised of extremely talented and experienced performers who share the desire to teach and impact lives.  Most of our teachers have toured the United States, Europe & Asia performing and teaching young people.


In addition to their training in the arts, our instructors have taken college courses in childhood development and education as a means of being fully-equipped to reach and impact  the students they work with.

Our directors have international performance and teaching experience!


ICON has joined forces with the acclaimed performing and outreach group: The Young Americans!


The Young Americans bring their more-than-50 years of professional quality and educational experience to Southern CA as part of an ongoing series of local after school programs in Corona each Spring semester.


BRUCE SAMPSON– Director & Producer

Bruce hails from Southeastern Louisiana and has been involved in entertainment most of his life. At age 15, he was accepted to The American Musical Theater program and The Young Americans. At 17, he signed a recording contract with Rosemont Records in New Orleans and embarked on a summer concert tour, opening for such acts as Maynard Ferguson and Kool and The Gang.


He went on to perform and direct with The Young Americans in Southern CA and Atlanta, GA for several years before breaking out and starting his own entertainment company which produced shows at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and concert halls all over the West Coast.  For 5 years, Bruce co-wrote and produced over 20 original shows for Tibbies Music Hall, an award-winning dinner theater in Newport Beach.


For 4 years, he directed the arts component of several summer youth camps in Louisiana for D.A.R.E.   He has also shared the stage with Stevie Wonder and Buddy Ebsen among others.  Sampson has advised arts organizations (developing arts education curriculum), received arts grants, choreographed for a number of Southern California show choirs.


He currently serves as Associate Director with The Young Americans International Music Outreach Tours, teaching and directing in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden ,Japan,  and all over the United States.


Sampson also is the creator and director of Believe Summer Camp Experience that takes talented and internationally-experienced directors to Louisiana, Mississippi, California and China to work with young people and communities to create a unique educational performing arts experience designed to inspire and unite.


“I have been extremely blessed with caring mentors, teachers , directors and opportunities. ​Now, it’s my turn to give back a little.”




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