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You Can Host One of Our Dynamic Programs Too!
Fun and Friendly Environment

All Skill Levels Welcomed!


Our approach is a hands-on, interactive and uplifting method that looks at the big picture.

We build students up! ​

We never tear them down. 

We create a positive environment that breeds success and fosters self-esteem.

Affordable & Educational

We keep our prices low so that every kid has an opportunity to experience this special program!

In each session we cover different material and themes.


After-school and seasonal performing arts workshops that conclude in exciting stage shows for family and friends!


Singing, Dancing, Acting all combined into one!


Multi-week and seasonal workshops and programs. ​

Shift in Focus



For several years,  ICON Arts joined forces with the acclaimed performing and outreach group: The Young Americans!

For the time being, we have discontinued our Spring afterschool programs with them due to scheduling conflicts.


We have also begun to focus most of our attention on our Believe Performing Arts camps and workshops.

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